Barrie Hockey Referees Association

About BHRA

The Barrie Hockey Referees Association was founded in 2001 by individuals interested in improving the fellowship of officials in Barrie and the surrounding areas.

The founding members wanted to assist with the training and development of ice hockey officials through improved organization, training and communicaitons.

The Barrie Hockey Referees Association was developed with these goals in mind and consisted of 130 members at its inception.

The Barrie Hockey Referees Association would like to acknowledge the efforts of the following eight people for their contributions to local hockey officiating:

  • Larry Ness
  • Darrell Langille
  • Mike Ferguson
  • Rick Ahern
  • Mike Hawboldt
  • Doug Burns
  • Aaron Harris
  • Susan Hewitt

BHRA Alumni

The following members have been elected as honourary life members of the Barrie Hockey Referees Association:

  • Ken Bannerman
  • Doug Burns
  • Bill McKean
  • Eldon Doucet
  • Steven D. Parker
  • Mike Hawboldt



New Applicants

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum 14 years old on or before December 31st of current year
  • Ex players must have no history of verbal abuse of officials
  • No significant history of playing suspensions
  • Able to commit to two weekends of availability per month

Training Requirements:

  • Attend and successfully complete OMHA Certification Clinic or OMHA School
  • Must attend mandatory on-ice training sessions and development meetings

Application Process:

  • Submit Online Application
  • Attend information session
  • Attend on-ice skating assessment

The process to become a member of the BHRA is a competitive one with a large number of applicants. As such, all applicants MUST participate in all three stages of the process to be considered for membership

Experienced Officials

The Barrie Hockey Referees Association recognizes that inividuals who are involved in minor hockey officiating move to the Barrie area and welcomes applications for membership.

Consideration for membership of experienced officials is based on the following:

  • Experienced officials must have successfully completed a Hockey Canada Officiating Program clinic
  • Experienced officials must be currently registered to the Hockey Canada Officiating Porgram or have been registered within the past two years
  • Experienced officials must ensure that Branch Transfer has been completed if required
  • Experienced officials must provide contact information for a supervisor or the referee-in-chief of the area they are coming from
  • Experienced officials will be considered based on satisfactory evaluations provided by a supervisor or the referee-in-chief of the area they are coming from
  • Experienced officials are not guaranteed to skate any level of hockey officiated by BHRA members and may not be skating the level(s) of hockey that they are accustomed to prior to evaluation by a local supervisor

Applications received on or before March 15th will be processed for the following playing season. Applications received after March 15th will be held on file.

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BHRA Executive

The Barrie Hockey Referees Association is directed by a volunteer Executive Committee who oversees the daily operations of the Association. Executive Committee members serve a two year term.

The following members make up the 2019-2021 Executive Committee:

Chair: Bruce Hoppe
Vice Chair: Rob Kennedy
Past Chair: Shaun Bougie
Secretary: Matt Corbett
Treasurer: Dan Beaudoin
Steward: Devon Newhouse

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